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MEDICA® 2020


Dear Suturex & Renodex friends,

At the moment we are going through challenging times, putting us all to test. The Covid-19 spread is hitting us hard in our private and professional lives. For Suturex & Renodex applies, what is currently true for all people and organizations globally: Together, we must do everything to stop the spread of the virus, flatten the curve and protect the health of our family.

We are implementing the latest directives from the authorities. Consequently, we try to protect our employees, customers and partners with sensible business and personal decisions. The extent of the impact is still unknown, and we ask for your understanding and patience.

The current development raises also questions that we cannot answer as of today. However, we are convinced that we will find answers in order to master this challenge together and emerge from this situation stronger.

Your Suturex & Renodex Team

“For more than 65 years, SUTUREX & RENODEX is dedicated to manufacture high performance surgical needles for sutures. As one of the biggest manufacturers, the company produces and supplies suture needles worldwide.

Using exclusive stainless steel materials, surgical needles are made from the highest quality, ENOVA® from the 300 series.

With a full comprehensive range, SUTUREX & RENODEX’s surgical needles cover general surgery and specialty surgery such as cardio-vascular, plastic surgery and sternal closure.”