Beyond Certification

Sustainability and Quality in our operations

We work after several ISO-standards and continuously strive to find new and better ways to work more sustainable. This is a part of our values, vision and our routines. Read more about our certifications and sustainability work below!

Safety above all

You want to feel safe that your products do not contain dangerous raw materials, and that they follow laws and regulations. When working with us you will always have the better services in quality, regulatory and sustainability ensuring that you answer the local regulation and directives.


Our Quality and Sustainability Dept. experts offer services within these areas making the process smooth and efficient for you. We always are available to answer your demands and expectation.

A sustainable business - Making a difference

A sustainable business - Making a difference

Our focus

We are strengthening our focus on the environment, quality, health and safety.

We are proud to announce that we have passed our ISO audit and have been awarded the ISO 14001 & ISO 45001 certificates for the Environment, Health & Safety standards.

We are an ambitious and responsible company that takes quality, safety and environment considerations very seriously. As we grow and evolve, we continue to take measures to ensure that we provide our partners and community with a high standard of service.

ISO 13485 compliance

SUTUREX & RENODEX successfully passed the yearly follow-up audit confirming that our Quality Management System is in compliance with ISO 13485 standards and at the same time got certified for its Environmental Management System and on Health & Safety standards.

Our services

Quality and sustainability are important criteria when consumers choose our products.  We offer a number of services in this area in order to provide you a high quality full service partnership. The fact that these experts are also under the same roof as the production and development of your product makes the process more efficient and to the point. We compile the required product documents containing description of the product, safety data sheet, manufacturing process, etc.

Test Methods for Surgical Needles

Quality Certification

Description Document Link
ISO 13485_2016_SR Certificate
pdf (1.3 MB)
ISO 14001_LNE_37204-3_SR Certificate
pdf (1.6 MB)
ISO 45001_LNE_37203-4_SR Certificate
pdf (1.6 MB)

Material Safety Data Sheet

Description Document Link
pdf (326.0 KB)