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Drilled-end needle is suture needle without the thread attached to it. It is a curved or straight needle used for suturing in surgery where one end is pointed and the other end has a hole drilled along the body for the thread/Suturing material is attached. Hole with chamfer and precise wire size perfectly adapted to attach all suture threads.

A needle’s taper ratio is the length of its tapered section divided by its maximum diameter as shown in the graphic to the left. The tapered section is the distance along the needle from the tip to the maximum diameter.

Selecting a needle with the appropriate taper ratio requires the operator to balance needle penetration and needle strength.

No. We supply only the needle ready for suture attachment.

Our Needles are manufactured in 300 series Stainless Steel Grade wires, according the ASTM F899. We import these wires from trusted sources all over the word.

This term designates the capacity of a material to be deformed without breaking. Such a material is said to be ductile. Ductile is the opposite of fragile or brittle, which defines a lack of bending strength and the resultant potential breakage of a material. It is a property that is highly sought after in surgical needles. Suturex & Renodex surgical needles are made from a 300 stainless steel alloy for ductility and bending strength, allowing optimal security when suturing.

We manufacture needles only against orders. Nevertheless, a list of needles in stock is available here.

Delivery time is established by our Supply chain Dept. and communicated in our proforma, according codes, quantities requested and production activity, to answer to your expectation.

A minimum of 1000 pcs per size is required for production. See our Terms and Conditions of Sale. The needles are delivered in lots in plastic boxes of 250, 500, and 1000 needles (depend of the needle size).

We supply un-sterile finished needles ready for suture attachment. Suturex & Renodex provide only disposable, single-use needles for sutures to avoid any cross-contamination.

Suturex & Renodex neither represents nor test this material for specific medical application since we do not supply a medical device. Our products are non-sterile and for further processing only. Purchaser is fully responsible to determine end-use suitability.

Most of Suturex & Renodex’s surgical needles are coated with our advanced needle coating technology, by using silicone medical grade coating. Product information and Safety Data sheet available upon request.

Our Silicone coating maintains needle sharpness from start to finish over multiple passes. Silicone covers entire surgical needle offering consistent needle penetration pass after pass and needle to needle. 

Yes, we can give a set of needles as free samples for testing purpose.

Yes, we do have a strict quality policy and all needles produced are within the rigid structure of our quality assurance and we supply needles with certificate of conformity in compliance with the policy.

Suturex & Renodex’s  needles are manufactured, tested and packaged under strict quality control. The quality system is in compliance with ISO 13485 registered. Certificate available on the website on Quality rubric.

The products should be stored, if possible, in original and closed package, in dry condition.

Suturex & Renodex guarantees that the supplied products meet our internal specifications and the sales specifications in effect at the time of shipment. A wrong storage could affect performances of the products.

The traceability records of each of the production batches are kept after 10 years from the manufacturing date.

We do not supply these suture needles. We manufacture and supply drilled end only.

All details in our Terms & Conditions of sale. See Contact rubric.

Yes, Suturex & Renodex is registered with the local pollution board and complies with all the applicable environmental laws and regulations.

The needles manufactured in Suturex & Renodex are non-hazardous and environmental friendly.