Your career in research & development

Together we achieve the best results

Our research and development draws on impressive expertise. We work closely with specialists to optimize our products. Our recipe for success is that we continuously improve our innovative products by working closely with our customers and doctors staff.

We at Suturex & Renodex truly identify with our products and manage them throughout their entire life cycle: from taking up customers’ requirements and devising a strategy, all the way to production, marketing and sales, and fulfilling the customers’ needs. This is the only way we are able to meet the highest quality requirements all over the world. 

Opportunities for job entries and advanced careers

We conduct research on a number of different technologies and materials, including stainless steel, new alloys, silicon coating. With over 2,500 product codes in our range and the very highest quality requirements, we provide career opportunities for engineers, technicians, and scientists. Mechanical and chemical engineers, material scientists are just some of the other sought-after experts in our company.