QuickyTach® pneumatical attaching machine is the answer to the market demand for faster and more economical machines, whilst maintaining a high flexibility and quality.


Single Minute Exchange Die (SMED) -  the first rapid die change attaching machine

  • Pre-setting can be done away from the work station with removable die holder
  • The QuickyTach® is delivered with one die holder
  • The die holder installation is quick and a micrometer screw guarantees easy locatable and precise attaching adjustment
  • This system is compatible with your present range of dies
  • The machine can be adapted to each operator by a simple adjustment of hand-rests.
  • QuickyTach® is available only in pneumatic version
  • Patented machine
  • CE Certified
  • A complete range of dies is offered for drilled end needles
  • Our team of experts is also at your service to inform you and to answer your specific requests

Technical specifications

Typical throughput

400 products/hour ❶

Instant cycle time

2 seconds ❶



Product changeover time

Less than 30 sec.


Absorbable, non-absorbable


10 to 90 mm, Straight, Curved (5/8, ½, 3/8 C, Ski, Hook) ❷

Needle design

All drilled-end needle types


Monofilament & multifilament  ❷

Thread diameter

USP 6/0 to USP 7 ❷

Machine dimensions

320 x 290 x 220 mm (LxWxH)

Machine weight

~6 kg

Control voltage / Power requirements

24 VDC / 100-270 VAC / 50-60 Hz

Air pressure requirements

6 bar / Class 5

Noise level

< 75 dBA


CE Conformity

❶ After training, depending on type of suture material

❷ Other needle shapes, needle lengths, thread materials, thread diameters, thread lengths and coatings might be used as well upon request


Camera, light and screen, a complete range of dies is offered for all types of needles, additional die holder.

Spare parts

Available for our attaching devices.

We are at your disposal to evaluate any special request (dies, tools, spare parts).

We also offer technical assistance and attaching expertise. Feel free to contact us.

Well established and well accepted on the market, QuickyTach® machine is constantly optimized and improved for more ergonomics and more efficiency. QuickyTach® machine is CE Marked and 1 year guaranteed. Designed and Made by Suturex & Renodex