Your career in central services

Our central departments: As diverse as they are unique

Our shared goal is to take on cross-department responsibilities to support the core business of Suturex & Renodex. This means that the HR department is in direct contact with our employees, and set new challenges for themselves every day. Our Finances & Controlling department manages innovate controlling processes to ensure maximum results as well as transparency in business processes and business decisions.

The tasks we face in our Logistics, Purchasing and Supply Chain Management departments are far from everyday. Whether it's the prompt and reliable delivery of urgently-needed products or trading high-quality raw materials, in our work, we focus on the global networking and constant optimization of all our processes.

Opportunities for job entries and advanced careers

Many experts with a variety of qualifications work in our central departments: economists, logistics experts and many more find a wide variety of entry-level and development opportunities in an advanced professional environment at Suturex & Renodex.